James Putnam Abbott

Battle of the Sexes

...in sex there is no point of absolute stasis.  There is no sexual equality and there can be no sexual equality, certainly not where the allotments are equal, the male quotient and the female quotient in perfect balance.  There’s no way to negotiate metrically this wild thing.  It’s not fifty-fifty like a business transaction.  It’s the chaos of eros we’re talking about, the radical destabilization that is its excitement.  You’re back in the woods with sex.  You’re back in the bog.  What it is is trading dominance, perpetual imbalance.  You’re going to rule out dominance?  You’re going to rule out yielding?  The dominating is the flint, it strikes the spark, it sets it going.  Then what?  You’ll see.  You’ll see what dominating leads to.  You’ll see what yielding leads to.

Philip Roth - The Dying Animal